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Download GeoLine3D Demo Software
Download GeoLine3D Demo Software
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  • May 2014 - Fugro Survey Ltd. purchase a GeoLine3D license with array planning module
  • March 2014 - We welcome Ispatial who have purchased a GeoLine3D license with array planning module
  • Feb. 2014 - Fugro Survey B.V. purchase second GeoLine3D license with array planning module
  • Nov. 2013 - Saipem Ltd. purchase GeoLine3D license with array planning module
  • Oct. 2013 - See here GeoLine3D Array Planning and Analysis Video Demo
  • Sep. 2013 - Sonardyne International Ltd. purchase 2nd GeoLine3D license with array planning module
  • Aug. 2013 - New GeoLine3D Demo released. Download here
  • April 2013 - Read here what Saipem S.A. says about GeoLine3D Array Planning Analysis Module
  • April 2013 - Technip France purchase GeoLine3D license with array planning module incl. training
  • April 2013 - We are pleased to announce that Sonardyne International Ltd. have purchased a GeoLine3D Survey with Array Planning Module
  • Sep. 2012 - Efficient LBL Array Planning = Low Risk Operation and Cost Benefits - SOGM
  • March 2012 - Meet GeoLine at OI 2012. Please email info@geoline3d.dk for information.
  • Nov. 2011 - Heerema Marine Contractors BV purchase GeoLine3D license with array planning module
  • Oct. 2011 - We welcome Saipem S.A. and DOF Subsea UK as new GeoLine3D users. Both companies have purchased a GeoLine3D license with array planning module
  • Sep. 2011 - Subsea 7 Brazil purchase a GeoLine3D license with array planning module
  • April 2011 - Subsea 7 Experience with GeoLine3D Software - Ormen Lange Extension Project
  • March 2011 - Nautronix purchase a third GeoLine3D license with array planning module
  • Feb. 2011 - Read the latest Testimonial of GeoLine3D from Subsea 7 "GeoLine3D has been a revelation when it comes to array planning"
  • Feb. 2010 - Article Subsea Array Planning- Beyond Traditional Long Baseline Transducers - Hydro International
  • Sep. 2008 - Article "3D Elasto-Plastic Spring Element for Pipe-Soil Interaction Analysis" in SOGM
  • More news and articles here
About GeoLine3D

GeoLine3D is a unique and powerful real-time dynamic visualisation and engineering analysis software package for planning, exploring and analysis of any survey and construction activities, array planning and for advanced pipeline/cable analysis in a 3D realistic environment.

The GeoLine3D array planning module has been developed together with industry survey experts to provide the most accurate design and assessment of arrays on a complex seabed topography using imported sound velocity profiles to calculate the ray-bending effect on each possible acoustic ray path from multiple transponders.



Combining GeoLine3D GUI with the fast and advanced G3D FE-Engine module the user can explore, plan, design and analyze multiple pipeline and cable routes within a realistic 3D environment.

G3D FE-engine incorporates the advanced 3D elasto-plastic (EP) soil model developed together with DTU, which models pipe-soil interaction behaviour more accurately. Following the laydown the user may run series of full 3D analysis (e.g. on-bottom roughness analysis, lateral buckling analysis, pipeline walking).

About GeoLine3D
What our customers say

"GeoLine3D has been a revelation when it comes to array planning. No other software product comes anywhere close to matching the ability to design an array quickly, easily and intelligently, where the seabed topography is complex and multiple transponders are required. What would normally take days or even weeks to resolve can be done within hours"

  Doug Guy - Geomatics Specialist, Subsea 7  

"We are very pleased with the GeoLine3D array planning module and GeoLine have been constructive, flexible and helpful in developing this software in conjunction with Nautronix. The result is a customer driven market-leading tool for LBL array planning, analysis and QC"

  Sam Hanton, Chief Surveyor, Nautronix  

"Thanks to GeoLine3D Saipem has improved a lot of its capability in LBL array design.GeoLine3D has proven reliable and cost-efficient and allowed optimization of number of LBL arrays deployed. Finally, Saipem has successfully used GeoLine3D on more than 4 deep Water projects to date and on several other tenders"

  Alexandre Crevy, Survey & Positioning, Saipem S.A.  

"GeoLine3D is very good, saving me a lot of hassle and pointed to a few issues we would've had with some of the arrays. So GeoLine3D has been a good thing so far."

  Simon Waterfield, Senior Project Surveyor, Subsea 7  
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